Study Shows Cocaine is the Most Popular Substance at Ultra Music Festival

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Music festivals attract a familiar cast of intoxicated personalities. You’ll get anyone from the ecstasy-addled EDM enthusiast, to the stoner dozing off in the crowd. It’s no surprise that those who venture out to these music escapades expect an unforgettable party. Even if they choose not to indulge in certain substances.

Among the crowds and the lights, no one is ever surprised to see drunken girls and guys stumbling towards the main stage, or dancers whose moves seem distinctly psychedelic. Even though a majority of music festivals preach safety and moderation to all those who attend, the truth is hard to ignore: People go to music festivals to escape reality. And some of that involves substances that may otherwise be illegal.

TickPick, an online ticket marketplace, decided to find out if drugs and alcohol are actually essential to the festival experience. They surveyed 1,000 attendees of well-known music festivals regarding their own personal experiences.

One of the most interesting facts amongst the findings is the statistic that shows cocaine is most presently used at Ultra Music Festival.

It comes as no surprise that Ultra attendees consume the largest percentage of cocaine. This finding may result from a mix of EDM culture, as well as the festival’s location. Ultra takes place in Miami, a location deeply rooted in drug trafficking.

These findings are incredible. It is extremely interesting to see how the popularity of drug use can vary from festival to festival. You can read the full study here.