Steve Aoki & Vini Vici feat. Mama Aoki- Moshi Moshi

Image result for steve aoki moshi moshiSteve Aoki & Vini Vici feat. Mama Aoki- Moshi Moshi

Yes you read the title correctly, and no it is not clickbait. Steve Aoki has jumped on the psy-trance train. He recently dropped his new single with psy-trance phenoms Vini Vici titled ‘Moshi Moshi’.

If you follow Aoki than you should know that he is not afraid to allow his mama to bask in some of the fame he has accumulated. Aoki went so far as to sample his mom’s own voice for the track. The collaboration between the Aoki family and Vini Vici was released on April 18th.

The song begins with a retro-style phone call and then a soft voice repeating “Moshi moshi” on the other end. This initiates the fast-paced psy-trance drop by Vini Vici.  The video includes pretty cool visuals of the Need For Speed: No Limits mobile game. Interestingly enough, Aoki is featured in the game as a character. His music was included in the high energy soundtrack.

‘Moshi Moshi’ is the final of five songs in Steve Aoki’s 50KI series. Whether the date of release is intentional or not, I am taking this as a reminder that Mother’s day is right around the corner.

You can skip the coffee today after you listen to the song below.