Starkillers Called Out For Releasing And Using Avicii Album For Personal Gain

It was just three days ago that news broke about the sudden passing of Avicii. The news shocked everyone around the world. Fans and fellow musicians and DJ’s alike sent their prayers. With his death came the question of what would happen to any unreleased music. Fans love the opportunity to listen to anything Avicii may have put in countless hours of work into. Enter the unreleased album announcement from Starkillers.

What came next was such a bittersweet feeling of being able to listen to something Tim had worked on and never released. The excitement was real until more light was shed on the situation. In a matter of a few posts, an act of good faith and remembrance was quickly exposed to be nothing more than an act for personal gain.

Fans were quick to pick up on a unusual disconnect between Starkillers tweets sent about Avicii in the past and his sudden good faith behavior tweets and called him out on it. One of those fans happened to be DJ Tegi who took things one step further and DM’d the artist himself. Check it out below.

While the current photo painted by all the allegations come off as shady, many are waiting to hear exactly what the true story reveals including us here at EDMTunes. According to Starkillers we should be finding out later today when he explains all in a live feed as mentioned below.

We’ll keep you all updated when the true story is revealed soon.