Rise In GHB Overdoses in French Clubs Concerns Local Police

Sometimes, you can’t save someone from themselves. Paris police prefect Michel Delpuech, health administrators, and nightclub representatives met for a recent meeting in the French capital in which the subject of GHB was discussed. Authorities are now cautioning against the rising trend of GHB overdoses in Parisian nightclubs.

Often referred to as “liquid ecstasy” or the date rape drug, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutrate), is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter and a psychoactive drug. It is a clear liquid solvent with both sedative and hallucinogenic qualities. This common club drug is extremely dangerous when ingested in large amounts. Rapists commonly use liquid G in order to sedate and take advantage of victims.

The rising trend in Paris saw at least ten cases of G overdoses in December alone. Several overdoses have been reported at the nightclub Petit Bain. A bottle, presumably with water, laid on the floor and had been consumed throughout the night. A 24-year-old man overdosed and was pronounced dead, and a 29-year-old fell into a coma but woke up the next day. Two 20-year-old women also consumed the “water” – their outcome was unknown, but hospitalization is likely.

Since the nightclub incident, the owner of the bottle has been identified and incarcerated on the charge of manslaughter.  “In three months, there have already been ten cases of comas,” said Delpuech as he explained the new phenomenon to Paris-based news outlet Le Parisien. If nothing is done, he claims there could be 100 cases by the end of the year. What is driving this trend? Why now?

In order to combat the issue, the French people will partner with the public authorities and night establishments to unite in the face of these plagues. A preventative plan of action for future overdoses from GHB is in the works. Let’s remember to be safe and be smart.