New Leaks Reveal New Huge Battery Boost For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Lately, Samsung has been focusing on their latest device release, the Galaxy S9. The phone dropped into stores everywhere this past March. Unfortunately, that lead to new leaks being released regarding the new powerful device in development, the Galaxy Note 9.

One of the reasons for the sudden rise in leaks may have to do with the device being 3 months away from officially debuting. The most recent leaks have to do with two components of the device, the display and its battery.

The display panel for the most part is likely to be similar to that of it’s predecessor with measurements of about 6.4 inches give or take, with specific measurements stating 6.38 inches. While the source made no mention of an in-display fingerprint scanner, it’s expected to make the final cut for the final product.

Which brings us to the most exciting part about the device, its battery size. The Note 8 previously shipped with a 3300mAh units but now Samsung is looking to implement something bigger. The Note 9 is expected to be packing a 4000mAh unit bringing users even more juice to use for any and all daily tasks.

As the phone is scheduled to launch some time in July or August, we can expect to hear even more about this beast possibly during the early summer. Once we do, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.