New iPhone SE 2 Might Be Out Soon

iPhone SE 2
Generally speaking, people tend to agree that Apple has jumped the shark with the iPhone X. No matter how many new features it has and how cool it looks, it ends up being a bit pricey even for long time Apple lovers, who eventually decide to go for another mobile phone that has almost the same characteristics at half the price. However, Apple always finds a workaround to satisfy everyone’s needs: shortly after the iPhone 6 came out, a less expensive alternative, the iPhone SE  was introduced as well. Now, in the midst of the iPhone X storm, some leaks are saying that a new iPhone could hit the stores soon- the iPhone SE 2.

For now, we only know that Apple is preparing for the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in June 2018 and that unidentified iPhone models have been entered into the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database, according to Consomac. Considering that none of those models corresponds to any existing products, most likely something new will be unveiled.

What would the iPhone SE 2 look like? Well, if the rumors are true, it would probably have a full glass-based design, in order to allow wireless charging just as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. And we dare say it will have a notch at the top, coming along with a bigger screen and a TrueDepth Camera to allow facial recognition.

A new and more affordable model of an iPhone could be a great way to boost Apple’s revenue in 2018, and it would also keep all the macmaniacs happy. Stay tuned for more information.