New Billboard Clearly Demonstrates That Detroit Is The Birthplace of Techno

Dating back since 2006, Detroit’s Movement is an annual electronic dance music festival that takes place each Memorial Day weekend. The highly anticipated event emphasizes the progressive qualities of the culture surrounding EDM. The most special aspect of the fest’ is the fact that Detroit is well-known as the birthplace of techno.

Today, citizens and incoming tourists have the opportunity to celebrate the history at it’s finest! Incoming drivers entering Detroit will be greeted by a new billboard – in our eyes, their choice of wording could not be more perfect.

Placed above the Russel Industrial Centre, off the I-75 exit, the not-so-subtle billboard can be seen in all of its glory…

The hardworking team behind Movement have really stepped up their game. Their previous advertising attempts seem to fall a bit short – i.e. plastering their logo on the ad space spanning across the length of practically the entire building. The new advertising tactic is simple, to the point and effective.

This gentle reminder is highly important and truly hits home to all techno enthusiasts. We are counting down the days to the 2018 edition packed with impeccably talented performances. It’s only a little over a month away – will you be attending and creating your own mark in history?