Miami Club, Ora, Has Officially Closed Its Doors

It seems like just last week the streets of South Beach, Miami were filled with party-goers and electronic music fans.

One of the spots that hosted a full week of parties for MMW was Ora Nightclub, which now has officially served its last cocktail earlier this month. That’s right, the team behind Ora has decided to close its doors for good.

Apparently, the vision for the club was to provide a more refined, sophisticated version of the stereotypical South Beach night. Unfortunately, that plan did not work out, according to managing partner Greg See, who made this statement:

“We were truly sorry to close doors at Ora. We have had an incredible run and appreciate the support from the community. Ultimately, the concept wasn’t sustainable in Miami Beach at this time, but the popular second floor Anti Social Room will live on in a new location in the future.”

Ora has only been open for a year, so we are definitely sad to see it go. However, as Greg See has said, we can look forward to the Anti-Social Room living on in a new location, hopefully in the near future.