Laidback Luke Reflects on His 2015 Premonition that Avicii Would Die in His 20s

As the world still processes the shocking and sad passing of Avicii, many are also taking the time to reflect on the warning signs over the past few years and wishing somebody had done more to help the tormented star. In 2016 Laidback Luke penned an op-ed about a time in 2015 when he envisioned Avicii joining the infamous “27 club” of musicians or actors that die at age 27. This was around the time Avicii decided to retire from touring.

Laidback Luke called in to SiriusXM to talk about his reaction to the sad news and he shared this story:

“This must’ve been in 2015 when he invited me to open for his show in Ibiza, and it was there and then where I watched his show on the sidelines, where I got the actual vision of — I wrote this for Billboard — where I saw him joining the rock star elite group of legends that all passed away at around the same age, the age of 27, and I had this vision and I needed to write about it and make people aware.”

I can’t believe it actually freaking happened.

Laidback Luke also shared the struggles of a fast-paced life of touring and he said he wished he could have shared advice with him on how to cope with those difficulties. You can hear the full snippet below.