KhomHa – Tierra

Khom - T AA

KhomHa – Tierra

KhoMha pushes traditional dance music to its apex.  Release frequencies have always been plentiful and satisfying. And if the current releases weren’t enough to musically induce an epic climax, his newly released single “Tierra” will certainly build you up and not let you down.

KhoMha was born in Medellin Colombia.  Maybe it’s his Colombian roots that give his tracks like ‘Agua’ and ‘Laberinto’ their dance floor vibes. But one thing is for certain; running through ‘Asylum’ or ‘Hystereo’ or this latest track on repeat will have your night starting in the right direction.

The journey that is ‘Tierra’ points north and doesn’t stray from its intended trajectory.  The intro builds into a grungy breakdown and just before thoughts of RL Grime enter your brain, a familiar melody regains control and takes over. Check the track out below, and see for yourself!

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