Instagram Data Download Tool Now Available For Users Who Wish To Migrate

With Facebook now being the new owner of hugely popular photo sharing service Instagram, many haven’t forgotten the situation that occured involving Cambridge Analytica. Instagram had announced two weeks ago it was working on a solution that would allow users to download every single bit of their data from it following the aftermath of said incident.

It appears that now this said solution has become available in the form of a data download tool. The tool is said to allow users to download all of their data including all photos, videos, and messages that were posted to and shared via the popular photo sharing service.

The EU GDPR law, set to go into effect next month, governs how companies can collect and make use of users data is also said to have played a huge part in making this tool necessary as well.

Currently the tool is available now here for web desktop users with support for iOS and Android devices set to be on the way soon. The process for this tool to gather all of your data may take up to 48 hours as mentioned in the screenshot above if you choose to take all your data elsewhere.