Hulu and Spotify Announce Their Package Deal


Hulu and Spotify Announce Their Package Deal

If you have been living under a rock, Hulu is one of the biggest TV streaming services available. Spotify is also one of the biggest music streaming services around, and the most well rounded of the options. In a press release today, the two companies announced they would be joining forces to offer a package deal, services from both companies for just $13 a month. It’s a great deal and will save you a few bucks, and is a must for music and TV lovers.

It seems that basic cable is almost gone, as many people don’t need the hundreds of channels you will never watch. Gone are the days of buying CDS as well, and Soundcloud is a good option for music, but realistically not nearly as well rounded as Spotify.  Spotify is already $10 a month, so add $3 and you get TV too. Furthermore, Hulu’s “limited commercial” plan costs you $8 a month. That saves you $60 a year right there. To make this deal even more appealing, they will only be charging $1 for the first three months of Hulu access, not too shabby.

This is a great business move, as Spotify has 71 MILLION monthly users, with Hulu only at 17 million. Looking at this from a marketing perspective, Hulu knocks off a few dollars but gets access to millions of more customers.

If you would like to learn more or buy the subscription, do so by clicking here.