HARD Summer Returns to Fontana Speedway With Major Venue Changes

Hard SummerHARD just dropped major news regarding HARD Summer 2018—including a venue change. This year’s festivities will return to the Fontana Speedway, but with some exciting logistical changes.

Those of us who remember the travesty that was HARD Summer 2016 will be delighted to hear that new venue layout will be shifting the stages onto the grassy fields and off the hot pavement. While they won’t be offering camping this year, there will be additional entrances and get this, more water stations. While we’re bummed the show won’t be returning to Glen Helen this year, these changes are a great sign that HARD is moving in the right direction with the festival’s brand—and truly taking their fan’s concerns into consideration.

HARD Summer 2018
image via HARD

We’re thrilled to see a festival take steps to mitigate past errors, especially when it comes to attendee health and safety. Now that Gary’s gone, we can only hope that HARD will continue to put on a show that’s a safe and fun experience for all fans.

Check out HARD’s official statement and video below for more details about this exciting news.