Dance Music Has Fun with Aprils Fools Day


Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, which means believe nothing and trust no one. Among your fellow contenders were some of electronic dance music’s finest. If you’ve been keeping up, who’s been your favorite? There can only be one winner though.

Swedish House Mafia is finally giving us a reunion world tour. Jack Ü is also getting back together. Rezz is actually an alien–her LED goggles have masked her identity thus far but now the truth is out. Let us not forget that deadmau5 is actually Marshmello.

All moguls of the EDM world got through the day like the rest of the us, by cracking heart felt jokes with nothing taken too seriously. If there is anything important to be said, it should’ve been today since nothing yesterday can be believed. Some artists like DeorroKill the NoiseSlushii and others did not participate in the festivities. They gave a few LOLs anyway.

However, the winner that takes the crown of April Fool’s Day is Spring Awakening Music Festival with the most believable joke out today. Please see their ‘Important Festival Update’ below as it concerns serious rules about rail riders. Things are about to change for festival goers.

The BUKU Project comes in second place, but no one is actually going to believe that they’ll switch from eclectic hip hop and electronic to one that’s pure country, yikes! Whether you are giving away free goats like Yung Blunts or simply do not know what holiday you are celebrating like Cash Cash, we hope everyone had a great April Fool’s.