ATLAST – Red Reverie EP

Atlast red reverieATLAST – Red Reverie EP

L.A. native ATLAST continues his hot streak with his Red Reverie EP. In just over a month he has released a small handful of songs that have all received phenomenal appraise. This EP explores concepts centered around the darkness of a person not wanting to return to reality.

Starting with ‘Wake Up’, a melancholic tone is evident. The down pitched vocal acts as the primary hook, with the intense bass line laying the groundwork underneath. The energy rarely slows down throughout the entirety of this track, with somber atmospheres taking place of the bass lines throughout the breakdown.

The second track, ‘House Healed Me’, takes the energy one step up. The atmospheres get even darker, and the bass line has a certain distortion that makes it sound just a bit nastier. A vocal sample tasteful mixed in throughout gives the track a hopefully energy, while still remaining dark and driving.

ATLAST – Red Reverie EP: