Armin van Buuren’s Got 4 Trance Tracks & Album Coming

"Armin Van BuurenSeems like Armin van Buuren never takes a break. After 2 intense shows at Ultra Music Festival, he headed straight to China to continue conquering the world with his music. He made some time to have an interview with Billboard Radio China, and besides taking some funny mandarin lessons, he confirmed he will be releasing 4 new trance tracks next month.

Just over 2 months ago, Armin released his latest funk hit Sex, Love & Water‘, featuring Conrad Sewell. The song, though it’s catchy and it’s definitely putting the crowds to dance, falls a bit far from the trance music he’s known for.

When asked about this matter, Armin simply states that the song came out naturally in a meeting with Conrad Sewell, but that this is not a sign of him drifting away from the music we want to hear from him. More like the opposite, Armin reassures his fans by revealing that his next album is finished and will be coming up soon, and that 4 of his newest creations will be unveiled in May:

“Normally I make more trance music, melodic music… but [“Sex, Love & Water”] is a funk song. I wanna stress that I am releasing four new trance tracks in the next month, so I will never go away from trance. I love trance music with all my heart.”

No matter what he does, he will always be ‘the one and only’. Watch the highlights of the interview below.