Armin Van Buuren – A State Of Trance 2018 Compilation

Armin Van Buuren – ASOT 2018 Compilation

Each year, trance legend Armin Van Buuren puts out a mix compilation that showcases the season’s brightest upcoming tracks. His A State of Trance 2018 compilation is out now, and it does not disappoint. The forty-two track marathon is separated into two parts: the “On The Beach” CD, and the “In The Club” CD. It offers all the tunes expertly mixed together by the man himself, and individually in their unadulterated format.

Starting in 2004, this album marks the fifteenth release of the annual mix compilation. Some critics yearn for the days of the older, more raw sounds of trance. Armin pushes the envelope of an ever-evolving genre, never resting on accolades or re-hashing a successful melody. As a result, his goal to “unite the world through music” seems attainable with releases like this.

Side One – “On The Beach”:

The “On The Beach” mix is a joyous and fluid ride through the melodic side of trance. The mix features tracks from Maor Levi, Super8 & Tab, Seven Lions, and many more. It all begins with Armin’s hauntingly beautiful “The Last Dancer,” which evokes powerful emotion throughout. A standout track comes from Denis Kenzo, who offers a soulful vocal track in “Who I Am.” Wrechiski’s song “Fervour” provides an urgent bass line and inspiring piano. Joel Hirsch’s soaring ballad “Run To You” features the vocals of trance darling HALIENE. This mix delivers on Armin’s preface: “Imagine yourself looking out at the ocean, with a cocktail in one hand and a loved one by your side.”

Side Two – “In The Club”:

Taking a turn to the “In The Club” mix, you instantly transport to the pit of your favorite nightlife location. Starting with the track “Mowgli” by Anjuna high-risers Fatum, the heavier mix will have you throwing your hands up in no time. Listeners will enjoy the new track “Kaiju” from Davey Asprey. More delicious vocals ensue on “This Life” by Craig Connelly feat. Roxanne Emery. In addition, the mix marks the return of Armin’s Rising Star alias with the track “Just As You Are,” most notably debuted at Ultra on the ASOT Stage. With names such as David Gravell, DRYM, Simon Patterson and KhoMha at the helm, the power-packed side hits hard.

Featuring so many top notch tracks, the Dutch icon continues to amaze after over 25 years in the business. The seamless transitions and diverse variety on his ASOT 2018 compilation are wonderful to experience, and show why he is truly one of the best there will ever be. Between his family life, album releases, radio shows, a hectic international touring schedule, fan appearances and interviews, one has to wonder – how does he do it all?