10 Types Of People That You Might Have In Your Festival Squad

Music festivals are full of vivacious characters that range far and wide. They bring people from all walks of life together in one place who have one common purpose- to watch music and have a good time. This means that you can have a handful of different personality types wandering around as one solid (or not solid) unit. There were many contenders, but here are the top 10 types of people that you may have in your festival squad.

1. The Leader

This person tends to be the totem pole holder, the one who leads the group in and out of crowds, the person who somehow manages to keep everyone together in a sea of chaos. We should all thank this person for their continuous effort and hard work.

2. The Wanderer

This is the person that the leader keeps an extra eye on. The wanderer is notorious for not paying attention and losing their group almost instantly. However, they generally don’t mind solo adventures if the group is lagging and will always pull away if they want to do something else. But nonetheless, they always get lost.

3. The one who won’t stay still

These folks always stay in the back of the crowd so they can easily escape and leave to do something else. They could secretly not like crowds and get claustrophobic so they gravitate towards where there is a way to get out. But mostly, these are the eager beavers who are too excited, anxious, or too cool to stay in one spot for too long.

4. The person who always wants to go back to camp

If you’re at a camping festival, this person can be your friend or foe. “Let’s go back to camp” is the most buzz-killing phrase in festival culture. There is a time and place to go back to camp and refresh, but this person ALWAYS wants to go back for a plethora of reasons. The walk to most campsites from festival grounds are usually long and tiring, so why go back and forth?

5. The Sunset Chaser

This person needs to be dragged off of the dancefloor. The sunset chaser never wants the music or party to end and they stay until the sun says it’s time to go to bed. If you can keep up, these can be the best festival partners to have by your side.

6. The ‘eventually will end up in the medical tent’ friend

We all have accidents and moments of bad judgment, but this person has a hard time watching themselves. Whether it be an unintentional scrape, sprang ankle, or quick overconsumption of substances, somehow they visit the medical tent at least once during their festival experience. Instances of emergency are no joking matter, but unfortunately, this person exists.

7. The one who loses everything

We all know that person that loses everything as soon as they set foot into a festival. They are easily identifiable and are usually aware that they are that person too. However, they always either magically find everything by the end, or are surprisingly okay with losing their phone and wallet.

8. The person who never has water

We all know water is essential in a festival setting, but for some reason, there is always that one person who is constantly stealing gulps from everyone else’s water because they forget theirs or are too lazy to carry their own.

9. The ‘Disco Mom or Dad’

This is a commonly heard phrase in the festival world. The disco mom/dad is the person who has a backpack full of essentials and has enough for the whole squad. This savior of sorts generally has the mindset that they don’t want anyone to stress so they just bring everything, quite literally carrying the team on their back.

10. The Chanters

The phrases ‘ay ay ay ay ay’ and ‘oh oh oh oh oh’ will forever haunt crowds no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Whether you’re at a massive rave or boutique festival, these people travel in packs annoying everyone except the people who quickly join in on the incessant yelling. We know you’re excited but do us all a favor and shhhhhhhhh.

The top 10 spots may be taken but there are some highly qualified runner-ups that are not-so-rare encounters:

  • The person that keeps trying to wave at you with their fan to ‘keep you cool’
  • The obsessive planner who starts planning for next year the day after the festival ends
  • The incessant light show giver
  • The one who always wants to go sit down
  • The person who films EVERYTHING
  • The one who never brings a jacket