Is Ultra Europe Teasing Another Swedish House Mafia Appearance

“Expect the Unexpected” is now synonymous with Swedish House Mafia thanks to Ultra Music Festival. We don’t know how much money was involved in bringing the biggest rockstars in dance music back together, but you can be sure Ultra was saavy enough to make sure they are apart of whatever comes next. So now that we can look back and think about all the hints Ultra dropped for SHM, it appears Ultra Europe may be involved as well.

We already have a strong inkling that we have not seen the last of the Swedes together. Let’s also consider that Ultra may have dropped so much (rumored to be as high as $2 or even $4 million) in order to secure an exclusivity deal with SHM. In the past Ultra secured a similar deal with deadmau5, where he appeared at most of Ultra’s Worldwide festivals throughout the Summer of 2016. It only makes sense that the next time we see SHM would be in Europe.