QUIX – I’ll Give You The World (feat. JVMIE)

Quix I'll Give You The World

QUIX – I’ll Give You The World (feat. JVMIE)

Experimental bass producer QUIX just dropped an infectious new single called ‘I’ll Give You The World‘ featuring vocals by JVMIE.

The track takes a bit of a departure from his signature sound of deep wonky synths to a lighter, more melodic side accompanied by beautiful female vocals. The synths are still soaring with an interesting amount of tension, solidifying ‘I’ll Give You The World’ as a worthy entry into QUIX’s diversifying catalogue.

Hailing from New Zealand, the breakout producer has had a big year since he relocated to Los Angeles. He signed with Dim Mak Records and released the Heaps Cool EP, as well as a collaboration with trap star Gucci Mane. He is poised to become a staple in the festival circuit this year so keep your eyes and ears peeled for him.

In addition to upcoming festival appearances, QUIX is currently in the midst of a massive North American tour entitled STORM, after his last single of the same name. You won’t want to miss energetic sets and primo mixing skills. Check out dates here.

Stream the track below and follow the link to download!

QUIX – ‘I’ll Give You The World’ (feat. JVMIE)