Jeremy Olander – Andköln

Image result for Jeremy Olander - AndkölnJeremy Olander – Andköln

Jeremy Olander has already become one of the biggest names in progressive house. His driving beats and rolling bass lines complement his uplifting melodies to create countless great tracks. His upcoming release is a feature on his own imprint, Vivrant, and it’s part of his upcoming EP.

‘Andköln’ is an eight-minute monster that will truly take you on a journey. Starting off with his signature groove, the bass line is slowly introduced alongside the melody lines. The syncopation continues to build as all of the elements slowly begin to come together, all the while continuing to build the track’s momentum. Well-timed breaks in the groove sections give the dance floor just enough time to catch their breath before coming back in with heightened energy.

This track is set to release on April 6th along with more tracks from the EP. So listen to the steam below, and let us know what you think.

Jeremy Olander – Andköln: