Cirez D & Adam Beyer Show Us What a Real B2B Looks Like

In 2017 and 2018 the hottest new trend has to be b2b performances with artists we already love separately. However, many of these special performances do not end up being greater than the sum of their parts. Most of the time these sets end up being a bit gimmicky and you would probably rather get 2 separate sets from the DJs alone. This is especially the case for Eric Prydz and Deadmau5. This past week Cirez D & Adam Beyer showed us the true power of a real b2b. Their Saturday night SOHO Studios performance sponsored by BLNK CNVS and Space Miami was hands down the best show of Miami Music Week 2018.

In a week full of stacked performances and dance music’s most legendary comeback, it was another pair of Swedes that will be remembered for blowing minds forever. Wynwoods, SOHO Studios played as a great backdrop for the event. Although it had that hot warehouse feel, it did not feel shoddy or under budget by any stretch.

As the revelers started streaming in after Ultra after the midnight mark, Pryda prodigy Cristoph was taking the crowd on a progressive journey. Cristoph had been well warmed up from a week of performances with the likes of Yotto and he hit all the right notes to get the crowd primed.

When Eric and Adam took the stage, there were only about 2 minutes of introductory build up before the techno intensity took over. Literally from that moment around 2:10am until somewhere around 5am Cirez D & Adam Beyer dropped bombs of dark intense techno with a relentless building energy. It felt like a roller coaster that just kept climbing the entire time. Their music complimented eachother perfectly such as the epic bootleg of Cirez D’s “On/Off” with Adam Beyer’s “What You Need” which you can see above.

Although the venue was as hot as a sauna, it added to the authenticity of the warehouse vibe which was complimented by the stellar production provided by the EPIC team.

This stripped down style production was elegant in its simplicity, but it still felt state of the art with the lasers, strobes, and primary colors doing all of the work. By the time it winded down around 5am, it felt simultaneously like barely any time had passed at all but also that you had been on an hours long journey. Mind you, many of the people in attendance had already been dancing (and partying, hard) from 2pm that afternoon. Despite this, the entire crowd was feeling the same range of emotion and was under the techno spell for every minute of the set.

Do yourself a favor and ask somebody who went to this show what their favorite set of Miami Music Week was. Just be prepared for a thesis paper level discussion of why Cirez D & Adam Beyer were miles above the rest. Even the die hard Prydz and Drumcode fans will tell you this was the best show they’ve ever seen from their idols. We can only pray that this was recorded and will end up on Drumcode Radio or EPIC Radio one day.

You can witness some clips recorded by yours truly below.