Young Girl Pushes the Button at Above & Beyond Show

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Above & Beyond have become widely known for creating beautiful moments during their performances around the globe. Anyone who has ever attended one of their shows has definitely seen tears from at least one person around them. Heck, I have cried at more than half of the shows I’ve attended. However, the most anticipated moment of the trio’s set is when a fan gets to push play on the decks. It is easily every Above & Beyond fan’s dream.

It’s a testament to the power of the music itself that Above & Beyond’s “push the button” moment has grown into somewhat of a rite of passage for the group’s fans. Fans come with intricate, hand-painted signs and flags, and make the crazy dedicated trek from the back of the crowd to the front of the stage, in hopes of being handpicked to come on stage and drop the beat in front of tens of thousands of their fellow crowd. It’s an empowering moment for the fan.

At their show at the Higher Ground Ballroom in South Burlington, VT, A&B chose the cutest little girl to push play on ‘Blue Sky Action‘ at an all-ages show. She seems so cute and excited, it’s impossible not to smile while watching the video.

Probably the most adorable pressing of the button ever at Above & Beyond last night. from r/EDM

How cute! Introduce your kids to the good tunes young, folks. They’ll thank you later.