Soho Beach Dubai Opens Its Doors With Elrow and Luciano

Soho Beach Dubai Elrow

Dubai has a new super-club. Soho Beach, which will open it’s doors on February 23, will enlist the legendary Ibiza brand Elrow behind their launch party.

Celebrations for the grand opening night include a special birthday set by respected house and techno DJ Luciano. Other DJs playing during the 7-hour festival include De La Swing, Eddy M and Soho Beach resident DJs Philipp Straub, Jixo & Danz, Adam Graca, and Mar & Mer.

The super venue was inspired by New York’s Studio 54. They’ve installed similar platforms where you can show off your dance moves, albeit in an open-air pool. With a capacity of 7000, Soho Beach is a fitting place for Elrow to throw their vibrant all-night parties. Their unique themes and circus performers will surely deliver a memorable experience for clubbers.

Soho Beach Dubai has lots of big names booked. The next event will be on March 9. It will be hosted by ANTS, another Ibiza event brand. It will feature Andrea Oliva, Art Department, Lawler, Matthias Tanzmann, and Sasha taking partygoers through the night. As of now, these are the only two events that Soho Beach has announced. No doubt, Soho Beach will surely be home to many great parties to come as the new club starts off strong hosting legendary dance music DJs.