Lane 8 – Skin & Bones (Enamour Remix)

Lane 8 Skin & Bones enamour remix

Lane 8 – Skin & Bones (Enamour Remix)

Enamour, with his dark hypnotic tunes is surely going to be the next big thing in the dance music industry. His rework of Lane 8‘s suave track ‘Skin & Bones‘ is quite a treat and begun to lure fans from all over the world.

The Washington DC based producer specializes in melodic deep & progressive house and hypnotic tech house & techno. He has also been getting the backing from the major names in the industry. Eric Prydz and Deadmau5 being 2 such names. Enamour also has a Deep house track on the latter’s label. Like most of his work, ‘Embody‘ on mau5trap is a real melodic tune perfect for a Saturday sundown. Coming back to ‘Skin & Bones‘, the remix is an interesting take on the original. It is pretty evident how the American has tweaked with the tune to give it his own signature. Listen to it below and decide for yourself.

Lane 8 – Skin & Bones (Enamour Remix) | Download

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