Zedd, Grey & Maren Morris Team Up With Target To Perform New Single At Grammy’s

Zedd & Grey are looking to jumpstart 2018 by releasing their first single of the year, “The Middle” an interesting collaboration with Country musician Maren Morris. The new single looks to bring two different music genres together, Country and EDM. This blending wouldn’t be too far from other collaborations Zedd has worked on that brought together EDM & Pop such as, “Starving” & “Get Low”.

This particular collaboration though will also be including a team up with Target as they hope to bring the single to life in a spot that will run during the Grammy’s. The project has the company excited as they have previously worked on some special Grammy’s music moments that include a remake of a classic anthem, a live music video, and a surprise commercial break performance. The spot will also serve as the official music video for the new track and the new single will also serve as the soundtrack to the Target Style spring campaign, which kicks off Feb. 4.

Target is hoping this spot will have audiences glued to their TV screens and singing along as they celebrate the Grammy’s 60th anniversary this year. Make sure to tune in to the GRAMMY Awards live broadcast on Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. ET on CBS so you don’t miss when it airs.

Before then, make sure to give the new track a listen below!