GoPro Is Putting Itself Up For Sale

GoPro has been widely known for it’s innovative devices that enable us to create and record moments and experience. It’s popular Hero cameras and various accessories, allow photos to be taken in up to 12 megapixels and videos recorded in up to stunning 4K. However lately things for the company have been taking a turn for the worse.

After news surfaced that they have ultimately decided to pull out of the drone business news also broke that they were cutting nearly 300 jobs from the company bringing it down from 1,254 jobs to “fewer than 1,000”. This was supposed to result in to lower prices on some of their products to spur sales, but now it looks like the company has decided to ultimately put itself up for sale.

GoPro is looking to enlist the help of JPMorgan Chase in hopes of helping it find a potential buyer. CEO Nick Woodman has said that they would look at opportunities to possibly “unite with a bigger parent company”.

Unfortunately, no word currently of any companies that may be possibly interested in doing so at the moment. GoPro has become a key festival accessory, so we will be monitoring its fate with interest.