Andrew Rayel – Moments (Remixes) EP2

The start of 2018 has picked up right where Andrei Rață left off at the end of 2017. Better known as Andrew Rayel, the trance producer released his second full length album Moments in mid May. Rayel then closed out the year releasing the first collection of remixes from the album. Now, just a month after that release, Rayel has revealed even more remixes in the form of Moments (Remixes – EP2).

On this second remix EP, the Moldovan producer enlisted Radion6, Whiteout, De Hofnar, and Chukiess & Whackboi to serve on remix duty. With these four additional remixes, we now have a total of 16 originals and 12 remixes spawned from the Moments album. Rayel is still playing out many of the tracks from the original album, and now has an even deeper collection to dive into to keep evolving his live set going forward.

Check out the second collection of remixes below.