Honey Dijon Collaborated with Smirnoff’s ‘We Are Open’ Campaign

Honey dijon mustard is an acquired taste, but Honey Dijon, the very talented DJ, is leaving nothing but good tastes behind as she has collaborated with Smirnoff‘s ‘We Are Open‘ campaign. The launch of this important movement is ultimately promoting nightlight inclusivity – a crucial subject that urgently needs more media attention. Thanks to a team of hardworking individuals and their special attention regarding this subject, various communities have started to feel more comfortable stepping out into nightclubs and more importantly, everyone is becoming more aware of this phenomenon.

Although the American producer is the main star in the latest advert, DJ Kiddy Smile has also been included in order to tackle Smirnoff’s campaign. Lucy Fizz, British transgender dancer and model, as well as Xnthony and Le Fil, performance artist, equally shared a big role in the final production of the video.

The ‘We Are Open’ clip features a soundtrack mixed by Honey Dijon herself which incorporates a remake of Sylvester‘s ‘Stars‘. Viewers will be thrilled to see a vast variety of performers coming together. For the ending…well, you will just have to watch for yourself!

“The campaign follows brand research that found society lacks understanding of the non-binary community despite 12% of millennials identifying as transgender or gender non-conforming. Three out of four trans people report being a victim of a hate crime.” -Smirnoff

The overall advertisement was made in collaboration with the LGBT Foundation. The outstanding partnership will “share guidance for a bartender-training programme raising awareness of non-binary issues.” The clip really sheds an essential spotlight on a subject that doesn’t seem to get as much attention as it deserves. We look forward to seeing some positive changes in the nightlife scene and we aspire that people from all around the world will continue to pass along this imperative message.