Gabriel & Dresden Release Emotional New Album The Only Road

the only road

Gabriel & Dresden Return With Highly Anticipated Album The Only Road

In the world we live in today, people move fast and time moves faster. In dance music, trends change constantly, new music arrives quickly, and many producers are quickly forgotten. For these two producers however, their legacy and imprint on dance music was hardly forgotten.

Eleven years removed from their last artist album, Gabriel & Dresden have returned to the airwaves with a new album titled The Only Road. As one of the longest tenured producers in the industry, Gabriel & Dresden have consistently created beautiful music that not only makes listeners dance but also touches their souls.

Over twenty years of music production, Gabriel & Dresden have helped define the dance music scene. They’ve made smashing hits such as ‘As the Rush Comes’, ‘Arcadia’, ‘Dangerous Power’, and ‘Tracking Treasure Down’. They’ve done collaborations with Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, and have remixed the likes of Andain, Above & Beyond, and Sarah McLachlan. Their fan base is so strong that their Kickstarter Campaign raised over $70,000, nearly three times the amount they needed of $30,000. Gabriel and Dresden’s fans are what drives them. They had this to say about their inspiration for the album:

“What makes The Only Road special is that it was fan-supported and fan-inspired. We didn’t just make this record for us, we made it for all of the people that had faith in our music. For us, it isn’t just an album — it’s our soundtrack of the past 11 years — the beautiful, the ugly, the melancholy and the hopeful.  It’s something we’re proud to share because it represents who we are and the long road we traveled to get here, or should we say…the only road.”

The Only Road can be described as emotionally stirring.The album is a true work of art. Each track carries its own story that evokes a special feeling.  Each song is perfectly unique, yet similar in many ways. Tracks like ‘Waiting For Winter’, ‘Underwater’, and ‘This Love Kills Me’ will make you feel comforting yet sad emotions very few producers can create through music. Of course there are the more classic trance feels that can be heard in ‘Sequoia’ and ‘White Walls’. Sub Teal, Josh Gabriel, and Jan Burton are the featured vocalists, each having their own haunting but inspiring voice.

The Only Road by Gabriel & Dresden is out today on Anjunabeats. So do yourself a favor and play this album from start to finish. You’ll thank yourself for it.