Facebook Signs New Licensing Deal With Universal

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Have you ever gone to a show or perhaps heard a music clip online that you recorded and wanted to share on your Facebook page, only to be negated by a pesky pop up that claims you may not own the copyright to said content? Well soon, that may not be the case, as long as it falls under Universal‘s vast catalog of copyrighted content that is.

Facebook and Universal have announced that they have partnered up and signed what they are calling an, “Unprecedented Global Licensing Deal” which would give users permission to share said content without any issues. The deal is extending to not only Facebook but also, other Facebook owned platforms such as Oculus & Instagram as well.

With Universal being the first to sign such a deal we can expect to possibly see this be integrated soon into the mentioned platforms apps soon in the form of a new update, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. Watch the video below for more.

H/T: Reuters