Dillon Francis Hosts Mobile Game Show, HQ

In a wild year filled with fidget spinners and dabbing, a wild new trend has come to finish of 2017. Thousands of people are catching on to HQ, a new mobile trivia game show created by one of the founders of Vine. It’s a game being played live across America by users looking to win daily cash prizes. The object of the game is simple: tune in twice a day and answer 12 trivia questions ranging in difficulty. When a player answers a question incorrectly, they are disqualified from that game. Each day, hundreds of thousands of players tune in, and by the twelfth round, usually, only a handful remain and all split a cash prize.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Well on Thursday, the deal got even sweeter. While the game is usually hosted by comedian, Scott Rogowsky, the emcee took a little break for the day, which allowed EDM’s favorite funny guy, Dillon Francis, to guest-host. Though these were big shoes to fill, Francis honestly does a not-so-terrible job.

As awkward as the start may have been due to teleprompter issues, Francis recovered by laughing it off, as he always does. Seriously though, isn’t he the cutest? Questions started off simple and easy, but of course, there were some EDM related questions, such as “The BPM of Techno music translates generally to which classic speed?” and “what is Joel Zimmerman’s stage name?” thrown into the mix.

We want you to be our #TapDaddy too, Dillon.

Watch this fan-made video of Dillon Francis hosting HQ: