Carnage Attacks Ultra After He Rage Quits on 2018 Lineup

You might have heard that Ultra Music Festival released the Phase 1 lineup for its 20th Anniversary festival tonight. As usual the dance music community is thrilled and pouring over the artists to see who’s there. This year things were complicated because Empire of The Sun accidentally posted a draft version of the lineup. While 90% of the draft lineup was the same as the final one, there is one major difference that is causing some drama. You can see what happened in the photos below.

Since it’s Carnage, he had plenty to say about whatever went down. Originally Carnage was listed as a support act, and in fact he appears on the graphic for the final lineup as well. It turns out he was scheduled to play 2 sets, including one from an alias of his called 30 Rack. Carnage decided to hold off on the alias set, and so Ultra told him he would be listed as support. As a result Carnage rage quit and decided to skip altogether.  Now he might have been part of Phase 2, but from all appearances Carnage now won’t be there at all. Carnage is once again putting his best foot forward for all the world to see.


I love @ultra…. They mean so much to me since the birth of carnage that it bums me out to call them out on their bullshit… it’s always so much politics in this festival shit. I’ve kept quiet on so much shit in my career because if I ever said something It would back fire… or this promoter might not book us because of this…well it’s no more of that…and the worst part is that this time it’s from my family at @ultra …and this was all because I pulled “thirty rack” from this years show…. petty much? Lol I hope more artist, MGMts and agents are motivated to do the same and stick up for themselves… and that’s why I created @rarefest so I don’t deal with this dumb shit ever again 🙄… – carnage