Ruben De Ronde & Donata – Stand In My Way

The name Ruben De Ronde is almost as synonymous with the Armada label as Armin van Buuren. Ruben not only releases a ton of his own music on Armada, but also helps facilitate the label’s day-to-day operations.

A name unfamiliar to many trance fans, however, is Donata Kramarz. As the vocalist and guitarist for the band NOSOYO, Kramarz and her partner Daïm de Rijke create soulful indie rock. Their hit song ‘Resonate‘ shows off the duo’s impressive talent. Last year De Ronde and Kramarz sat down for a writing session and the results speak for themselves. After releasing ‘Open Wide’ in late 2016, the duo followed up with their newest release, ‘Stand In My Way.’

‘Stand In My Way’ perfectly blends together De Ronde’s progressive tendencies with Donata’s enchanting voice. Soothing piano chords underly the open atmosphere of the track, filling the space between the lyrics masterfully. The song breaks down with a high synth line that repeats a simple yet beautiful melody, then drops back into the vocals. Throughout the song Donata tells the story of a toxic relationship, where the narrators partner brings “out the worst of my soul.” Thankfully she understands “it’s time for us to let go,” giving the listener some form of closure. Although Donata is an Indie Rock artist, her voice feels like it belongs in the trance and progressive scene.

This track comes off as hauntingly serene. It incorporates stunning minimalist instrumentation that still makes the track feel full to the point of bursting. After adding in the airy female vocals, ‘Stand In My Way’ projects a soothing feeling even though the subject matter is very dark.

Listen to the track below and experience the enthralling musical project by Donata and Ruben De Ronde. You can also check out their first release, ‘Open Wide’ on YouTube.

Ruben De Ronde & Donata – Stand In My Way