Marshmello Burns Deadmau5 In His New Cooking Tutorial

In his new cooking series titled Cooking with Mello, we explore the art of cooking chocolate mice with Marshmello.

In what is quite obviously a shot at Deadmau5, the eventual destruction of the mouse symbolizes the bitter feud between the two producers. A year ago, the ‘Alone‘ video featured a clip of Marshmello feeding a rat named Joel.

Inspired by Marshmello’s “little pet mouse from back in high school”, a soothing narrators voice overlays Marshmello in the kitchen. Sugarcoating the diss, references are made to Deadmau5’s Twitter reputation as the narrator says “You know how mad these mice can get.” But with Marshmello slamming the chocolate mouse against the cabinet, the feud is still alive.

You can check it out here: