Joseph Capriati Played For Over 25 Hours In Miami

DJs are known for putting on epic performances that blow you away. One of the rarer DJ talents is for marathon-like sets that boggle the mind and body. Techno DJs in particular are notorious for being able to play sets that are hours and hours long.

Italian DJ Joseph Capriati just demonstrated an incredible talent for marathon sets, playing 25 hours and 30 minutes recently at Heart nightclub in Miami. You’ve got to wonder if he’s able to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom during those 25 hours. If you were there you were very lucky to witness this huge accomplishment which broke his previous record for longest set. He said he went to the club intending on playing a marathon set but did not expect this. This writer can’t think of anything he could do for 25 hours straight, so that’s one incredible feat.