iPhone Users Dealing With More Autocorrect Problems

It’s 2017 and for some reason Apple cannot figure out how to make a keyboard that types the words you want. Everybody got plenty of laughs over Apple’s “I” to “A????” autocorrect bug a few weeks back, and it was so bad an OS update was required. We expect another iOS11 update will be in order for this latest bug.

When users type the word “it” into a text field the keyboard will first show “I.T.” as a quick type suggestion, and after hitting the space bar it will automatically change. Users have said the problem persists after rebooting the phone too. You could go into your setting and basically change the shortcut for “it” to make it change it “it” instead of “I.T.” but this does not work for everyone.  Another method is to completely turn off auto correction an predictive text in the settings menu. I.T. sounds like users with these issues might be better off simply turning off autocorrect, or switching to Android.