Hackers Fool iPhone X’s Face ID With A Mask

 Just how reliable is the iPhone X‘s face ID feature? Well, just a bit over a week since the release of Apple‘s newest product, it seems like the the face lock function has been figured out. Vietnamese security firm, Bkav, has recently released a video claiming that they have broken pass the face ID feature with the help of just a few tools that will only cost you around $150. According to Bkav, they created a mask using a 3-D printer, make up, some silicone and 2-D printed paper eyes which fooled the phone into falsely recognizing the user. You can check out the process in full in the video below.

When the first ever iPhone was released, the only passcode offered was the 4-digit password. A few models later, Apple introduced the fingerprint ID that we have all grown to love. The fingerprint ID made accessing your phone a lot easier but that feature was supposedly figured out only a few days after it was released. Then most recently, the new face ID feature was supposed to provide an even more convenient and secure way for the user to access their phone. However, it seems like these features can be easily broken with just a couple bucks and a bit of effort. Does this change the way you perceive the iPhone X?