Google Assistant’s New Feature Can ID Songs

Android smartphone users will no longer need to pull out Shazam to identify songs on the go, as Google is rolling out a new feature to its built-in voice assistant software feature, Google Assistant, that will identify songs for them. When asked what song is playing, Google Assistant will display an information card that will provide the artist, the name of the song, lyrics, and streaming links for YouTube, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

The feature already rolled out to Google’s flagship Pixel phones last month and is now gradually rolling out to U.S. Android devices with Google Assistant. Unfortunately, Google has yet to announce whether or not this feature will be supported outside the U.S., according to EDM Sauce.

In order to use this new feature, Android users simply need to open Assistant and ask, “What song is this?” or say “Okay Google. What song is this?” to automatically open Assistant and prompt for the song info. Google Now has enabled users to search for song info since 2015, but it seems as though Google Assistant is on its way to replace it. This feature follows Apple‘s collaboration with Shazam to bring song identification to Siri back in 2014.

This feature isn’t the only useful new feature Google has recently launched, as its new Pixel Buds can now translate languages in real-time using Google Translate. Will you be using this new Google Assistant feature? Sound off in the comments!

h/t EDM Sauce