Diplo’s Insane Kanye West Encounter Gets the Animated Treatment on TBS

diplo storyville
via TBS

TBS Digital‘s newest animated short series Storyville is a zany real-life narrative as told through the voice of the industry’s key players. On Diplo‘s episode, he recounts the (true) story of one of his most unforgettable encounters with Kanye West and a band of other unexpected characters.

Diplo’s encounter takes place at the Mercer Hotel in NYC, where he is invited for a recording session by Kanye West, who he’s known for 20 years. There he sees Jay-Z, Jeff Bhasker, Kanye’s barber, and “some dude rolling weed,” which in Kanye’s circle is business as usual.

Kanye approaches Diplo and requests his help on some “cool beats” but respectfully disses his “clown sounds.” Ouch.

Diplo’s collaborative partners include a controlling Nigerian producer who snubs Diplo, and for some reason the Olsen Twins. Apparently, child star twins are an accurate gauge for music’s relevancy to the white girl demographic. T-Pain also makes an appearance and reveals to be highly protective of his auto-tune settings. Who would’ve thought?

At one point Kanye walks in with Kim Kardashian, but this was when she was married to Blake Griffin doppelganger Kris Humphries. As Diplo prepares to throw in the towel, Kanye barges in and makes an unforgettable proclamation. He states, “Guys, I’m gonna marry Kim Kardashian one day, I’m gonna be president one day, I’m gonna be a fashion designer.”

Kanye’s currently sitting at two for three. Talk about a go-getter. And who knows, maybe Kanye will lead our country to greatness. One thing’s for sure though, you can’t make this kind of shit up.

Watch the hilarious clip below for yourself.