Alexa Throws Her Own Rave; Cops Called In to Break It Up

Amazon’s coveted personal assistant Alexa can do it all. She can order you pizza, tell you the weather, and even… go rogue and start a rave all on her own. Over the weekend in Germany, police were called to a residence to break up a “party” that turned out to have no one there.

How was no one there, you may ask? Well… “Alexa independently, without command and without being controlled by my mobile phone, decided to celebrate her own party at full volume,” resident owner Oliver Haberstroh wrote on Amazon’s Facebook page.

Amazon figured that noises coming from an open window must have triggered Alexa to play music. But upon further investigation, it turns out the 6th floor apartment’s windows were all closed.

Amazon has since said they will dive deeper into the matter to figure out why Alexa turned on by itself. Maybe it was just Alexa getting bored and playing some music to liven up the night.