Zedd’s Clarity Turns 5 Today

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Happy 5th Birthday to Zedd’s Clarity 

By now, we should all be familiar with Anton Zaslavski’s trend-starting music. I am, of course, talking about DJ/producer icon, Zedd. From the time he stepped onto the scene, Zedd has created music that was not only unique, but revolutionary. And today, we celebrate the 5th birthday of his first studio album, Clarity.

Clarity was released back in October 2012 and at the time, not many people regarded it as a future classic. Many music journalists did not see it as a trend-setting work of art, and included it as part of the EDM fad circulating the music scene. It’s a good thing hindsight is 20/20. Today, Clarity is looked at as one of the most iconic dance music albums to ever hit the airwaves.

In today’s dance music world, you can see the influences Clarity has had on various artists. The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, and others have entered the mainstream dance-pop world. Much like Zedd, these artists made a name for themselves on more underground sounds that broke through to the masses. One can argue that it was Zedd, among others, that helped pave the way for these dance-pop success stories.

Looking back on the album, the songs bring back memories and nostalgia. Tracks like ‘Spectrum’, ‘Fall Into the Sky’, and album track ‘Clarity’ are all bonafide classics. The unique synths and beats mixed with the unforgettable vocals make these songs iconic and groundbreaking. But it was the other tracks on the album that embodied Zedd’s sound. The artificial, almost video game-like sounds mixed with piano and guitar melodies helped make Zedd stand out. Just listen to ‘Stache’, ‘Hourglass’, ‘Shave It’, and ‘Codec’ and you’ll remember why this album is so damn good.

In 2013, Clarity got a reissue, proving the album began gaining heavy momentum. Today, the influences of Clarity are abundant not in only in dance music, but pop music as well. Although it may not have been looked at as a classic five years ago, it certainly has solidified itself as an all-time classic today. It certainly does have a special place in our hearts.

So it’s only right to congratulate Zedd on his iconic debut album and say happy birthday to Clarity.