Shiba San & Green Velvet – Fearless EP

Shiba San & Green Velvet – Fearless EP

What do you get when Shiba San and Green Velvet make music together? Pure satisfaction. The two powerhouse DJ/producers just released their new Fearless EP on Green Velvet’s Chicago based label Relief Records.

Green Velvet has this unique and very distinct sounds to his music. This is especially true in the easily identifiable vocals that he does on most- if not all- of his tracks. Put that together with Shiba San’s natural talent for making house hit’s and you get a damn good piece of music.

The title track ‘Fearless‘ is such a solid deep house track. As soon as it starts, you become obsessed with the sound and want it to play on an infinite, continuous loop. Even so, ‘Chance‘ is easily the catchiest track on the EP. I have caught myself singing it out loud on multiple occasions because the beat and verse line constantly rattles in my head. ‘Rise‘ is that quintessential Green Velvet track- weird narrating vocals played over a irresistible, foot tapping beat. Then you have the final track ‘Think‘, which is more of a classic, mellow house sound that brings the vibe of the EP full circle.

When these two impressive talents get together, nothing but good could come from it i.e. this entire EP. Listen to it below!

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