San Diego Rapper Receiving Mental Health Evaluation After Threatening Coachella

A tweet made by a rapper from San Diego sparked some red flags among police officials recently.

The twitter account (named after artist’s pseudonym NICKYXPLICIT) tweeted a picture of a man standing in front of a San Diego gun store. A threatening statement addressed to Coachella accompanied the picture saying,”waiting for the shop to open so I can buy that new uzi for Coachella 2018.” 

The gun store responded to his tweet saying,”SDSO (Sand Diego Sheriff’s Office)  hauling your butt to jail.”

The threatening account holder’s real identity is 24-year-old Nick Braun and he has a history of threatening music festivals. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas police officials have understandably been on high alert.

While no arrests have been made, Braun has been taken in for a mental health evaluation. His twitter account has also been suspended.