Purple Haze – SPECTRVM Album Review


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Dutch legend Sander van Doorn has released his third artist album of his career, SPECTRVM, and its everything his fans have been waiting for. This album is released under his newly revived Purple Haze alias and is out now on DOORN Records.

The album contains thirteen tracks and took about six to seven months to produce. What is truly fascinating about this album is just how different Purple Haze is to Sander van Doorn. Purple Haze fans are treated to a darker, more euphoric sound as well as the occasional track which is overwhelmingly acoustic.

Instead of focusing solely on Purple Haze, Sander van Doorn still found time to produce SvD tracks such as ‘Mant Array’ back in June.

“Too often I’ve seen artists lose their focus when they try to combine too many different sounds” he says, “but at the moment I get so much creative energy from working on this project that it’s actually adding to the creative flow for Sander van Doorn.”

Several songs really stand out in this album. First, ‘Light Me Up‘ uses Aaron Bonus and Justin Gammella’s dark vocals to create a euphoric trance sound. Another song which merits great attention is ‘Neiloj‘. This track was first released in May and garnered huge praise, being named tune of the week by Armin Van Buurens “A State of Trance” #804.

There are so many songs to highlight on this album, its that good. Two more to pick out are ‘Plum’ and ‘Choir 1.0’. ‘Plum’ is the first song on the album and is an enchanting, slow building gem of a track. ‘Choir 1.0’ was previously released and features harmonic synths with delicate vocals.

If you’ve fallen in love with this album like we have, check out the release party at the Chin Chin Club on October 21st. Check out the album below and let us know what you think.