Paul Kalkbrenner’s Back to the Future Live Show to Debut in US

German techno superstar Paul Kalkbrenner has been one of the most prominent acts in all of dance music since the 90s. His world-renowned live show, Back to the Future, has never touched down on US soil, until today, as Paul has announced the show’s triumphant debut in the US at Lot 613 in Los Angeles, coming November 13th.

The project aims to soundtrack Paul’s upbringing in East Berlin in the late 80s and Early 90s. It’s a crate-digging passion project that saw Paul go through thousands of records to curate a three-volume Back to the Future mixtape series. After millions of downloads and overwhelmingly positive response to the project, Paul was inspired to build a show around the concept, resulting in a wholly original performance.

This is a rare opportunity to see one of the true pioneers of dance music, someone who’s 20+ years in the industry has made him a true legend to even the biggest dance music stars today. Not only that, but for all the die-hard fans of dance music history, it’s a chance to hear the music that shaped Berlin’s iconic club culture and techno globally, curated by someone who inspired and shaped the cultural landscape himself.

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