Nicolas Jaar Announces Forthcoming Ambient Record With Live Performance In Manhattan

Nicolas Jaar has tweeted that he will be a playing a portion of his upcoming album at his Manhattan impromptu shows.

Jaar had two performances at The Kitchen for October 24th. His early set featured an improvisational performance – a made up on-the-spot show that changes every time. With his array of machinery on stage, Jaar delivered an impressive sonic experience to an audience hanging on every sound. Since the show is improvised Jaar was able to feel out the crowd, tweaking and changing sounds to fit the mood. By creating each and every sound on spot, Jaar exemplifies how instruments can still play a huge part in electronic music performances.

Jaar’s second set came during the late night part of the event. This second show included a live performance of his new ambient record. Although he has not released any other information on the record yet, diehard Nicolas Jaar fans are jumping for joy.

To say that Jaar has had anything less than critically acclaimed success in his musical endeavors so far would be a lie. His first album release in 2011, Space Is Only Noise, garnered #1 album of the year by Mixmag and Resident Advisor and the hits haven’t stopped. Nicolas has built several strong collaborative relationships, often partnering with musicians in his live shows.

Jaar’s second studio album Sirens came out only last year! However, this new record will probably contain sounds he explored in his 2015 ambient record, Pomegranates. It is exciting to see Nicolas Jaar perform, as he in known for precision and technique unlike any electronic music performance seen before.