Lawyer Goes to Extremes to Cancel Freaky Deaky Music Festival

Freaky Deaky is a dance music festival that is occurring this weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The two day event will be held downtown at the Wisconsin Center, but the event has been met with extreme opposition by one lawyer – David Halbrooks.

Why is Halbrooks, who is a former assistant city attorney, so against the event? Turns out he is concerned over drug usage and the potential liability of the Wisconsin Center District being risen immensely. Because he practices code enforcement, licensing and building safety, It makes sense why Halbrooks is so sensitive to Freak Deaky occurring. He even went as far sending multiple letters to the Wisconsin Center District stating why it should cancel Freaky Deaky.

In his letters he wrote,

People die at EDM events. People die because of drug use. EDM may appear to be music events to you and me, They are not. They exist for one main reason, to accentuate the drug-use experience.

Halbrooks has gone into further detail to support his claim stating the effects of MDMA on part-goers. Linking multiple cases of drug related cases to EDM events, he attempts to find a soft spot with Wisconsin Center District. He takes it even further by bringing Bassnectar into his argument, claiming the artist plays “too loud”. He gives the account of a Denver resident who thought an earthquake was occurring when Bassnectar was playing.

Although some of Halbrook’s advice has been justifiable. He has advised the producers of Freaky Deaky to have plenty of free water accessible to attendees and to have strict drug screening procedures. While Halbrooks states that he has no personal agenda against EDM, he will be standing outside the event measuring decibel levels. He has already alerted officials of any violations that may occur as well.

At least I can say I tried to save this person’s life. I’m not going to stop“, states the attorney. “I’ll help “dead kids’ parents,” by turning over all my research to them and prosecutors.

With tickets going fast, Freaky Deaky doesn’t look like its stopping the party. In conjunction with React Presents, the Wisconsin Center District plans to follow through with strict drug screening procedures. This includes a comprehensive banned items list that has pacifiers and even tampons (unless they’re in the original packaging) on it.

Freaky Deaky will be occurring this weekend. It is part of the five day “Midwest Halloween Takeover”. Tickets range from $60-$200, and more information can be found here.












*Featured Image Courtesy of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel