Jeremy Olander – Gattaca EP

Jeremy Olander- Gattaca EP

For years now, Jeremy Olander has been producing awe-inspiring deep house. Today he has a released a 3-track EP called Gattaca that dives deep and dark. The new EP is released on Olander’s own Vivrant label.

In an interview with Billboard Olander said:

“I’ve realized that if you make music to get the approval of others, you’re really doing it for the wrong reasons and probably won’t last.”

‘Galheera’, ‘Gaansvort’, and album track ‘Gattaca’ each bring their own journey. The three-track odyssey EP captures Olander’s sound beautifully as the each song progresses through deep chords and synths. You can take the journey into Jeremy Olander’s world below and you can stream and download the Gattaca EP on iTunes and Beatport.

Jeremy Olander – Gattaca EP