Headhunterz – Takin It Back

Headhunterz made his official comeback to the hardstyle community a few weeks ago. He played at the Defqon.1 Music Festival closing ceremony in Sydney exciting hardstyle fans around the world. But was this a temporary return to his roots for Headhunterz or a hint that more was to come? The DJ left Ultra and his own label back in 2015 but has still continued to produce tracks in other genres including trap, reggae and even house. It seems like Headhunterz has answered our questions with the release of the fresh hardstlye track and video for ‘Takin It Back‘.

‘Takin It Back’ extinguishes any curiosity of what is to come from the Dutch DJ. The video starts off with the lyrics “takin’ it back to the roots” and showcases scenes of Headhunterz playing hardstyle sets in the past. He plans to bring new music to the scene and to produce music without outside influence. It is tribute to amazing memories and gives us a taste of what’s to come.

“Throughout my career there have been ups and downs and I feel connected now to some of my own releases more than others I have done. It’s all been a big learning experience and it still is. In this track I express my vision on the musical direction I desire to go in and that is to keep it as sincere and pure as I can, staying close to that essence inside myself and the essence of how I see Hardstyle.”- HeadHunterz

The track features a melody that is addictive and has a old school underground feel. With booming synths and pounding percussion intertwined with moments of raw vocals and serenity this track is set to be a chart topper. ‘Takin It Back’ is the first track released from Headhunterz’s upcoming mini album.